Caesar’s Palace Allows You to Play Blackjack Outside

  • May 18, 2020

There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can do, but go out on the street and ask a random person if it is possible to gamble outside and the likely answer that you will get will be no. Or, someone might declare that you can if you are using your mobile phone. However, if you take a trip to Las Vegas, you will find that you can gamble while enjoying a nice and refreshing dip in a pool.


Outdoor Gambling at Caesar's Palace

At Caesar’s Palace you will find a U-shaped swimming pool that has blackjack tables placed in the middle of it. These blackjack tables are shaded by the sun thanks to canopy that is held in place by some beautiful Romanesque columns. The canopy acts as a waterfall as well as water flows from it and splashes into the surrounding pool. You will find white towels next to all of the tables so that you can dry your hands and protect your money while playing.

In the middle of the summer, these tables are always full. The atmosphere is also fantastic as there are a couple of bars where you will be able to quench your thirst and there is always a talented DJ playing in order to create that party vibe. Once the weather starts to cool down, things start to die down slowly. These blackjack tables are complete closed during the winter months.

The blackjack dealers(, who wear sexy outfits and shuffle by hand also have a very good time. In fact, in their view, it is better for them to work outside at the pool because the atmosphere is more relaxed. They say that when they are working inside, they can feel the tension as everyone is only focused on winning some money, but outside the main aim is to just have a good time.


They Will Accept Wet Money

Caesar’s Palace calls this “Swim-Up Blackjack”, but you definitely will not see anyone swimming up to the tables. This is due to the fact that the water is only waist high. Furthermore, if you do decide to swim to the table, your money and chips are going to get wet unless you have them in some type of waterproof holder. If you want to go for a real swim to cool off, then there is a bigger and deeper pool just a couple of meters away.

If your money does get wet, do not worry as the dealers will accept it still. They know that there is the possibility of your money getting wet when you are playing in a pool. If there are some storms during the months of summer, then it is likely that the tables will be shut until it abates. You cannot play card games when all of the cards are blowing off the table.

Not a New Idea

This is not exactly a new idea though as it something that first cropped up in the 1950s. Back then you would be able to find mechanical slot games by the pool as well as floating craps. However, the slots did not last too long as water and mechanics are two things that do not mix very well. Furthermore, floating craps is no longer around due to practical reasons.